Perfect Summer Day 

It was one year ago since I planned and crave to have a hassle-free vacation not too far from manila where i could feel the Fresh air and Warm breeze. Dip in a cool pool while looking at the sea and mountains. Walking in the white sand and Swim in salty beach under the sun. Woohh! Perfect summer has begun, Glad that I found  Subic grandseas resort

My bus trip going to Subic, Olongapo took three hours only. Not so tiring travel time for me. Perfect for those people who wants to relax and destress in just a few hours away from the city. I had my phone reservation a day before my plan trip to the resort, I availed their on going promo for an overnight stay worth  3,150 with free breakfast and one hour massage. When I arrived at the resort they welcome me with a glass of cucumber juice to freshen up my day. The place was beautiful with a breathtaking view indeed.

Subic Grandseas Resort offers finest getaway where you could enjoy both pool and beach experience with a Bali inspired hotel, feels like you’re in Indonesia for ideal budget vacation, As part of being finest their staff is well-trained to be attentive, friendly and accommodating. I love seeing how they show professional and fair treatment with the new and regular guests.

The hotel situated near pool area so you can easily access it and be shameless wearing your bikini.  Subic grandseas never fail to clean their pools every morning. They also have round kiddie pool where kids can have fun too. The saddest part is i wasn’t able to bring my daughter here for certain personal issues.

I took this shot as early as 8 am, though I love sunshine but I hate being sunburn; Getting tan, maybe.. Haha. Time to refresh and revive my dear.

Along with the promo, complimentary breakfast for two are free. If you want to add something to spice up your meal you can choose breakfast ala carte menu. Since I am budget and time conscious, I never had a chance to try other food specialties and cocktails they offered but will definitely go back.

Here is the sunset view of the beach. Subic have more water sport activities to choose from, (Banana boat, Jetski, Sunset Cruise, Snorkeling, Diving ) They are ready to ease your boredom.

   Other pictures taken at the beach

Sarah highwaist: swimees_clozetph Hat: landmarkphil Slippers: bananapeel

Have a sun shiny day everyone, Can’t wait to hear your summer stories too..