My #beautyMNL shopping experience

“First impression lasts” when i met beautyMNL as i feel amazed for the first time never thought it lasts the moment i browse their site and see a variety of good deals with budget-friendly worth of items to choose. Since i’ve been busy lately online shops like beauty manila saved my time. Say “NO” to road traffic and crowd hassle going malls to buy your grooming hauls.

Honestly, i have trust issues in shopping online but that changed when i was luckily handpicked to give the site a test run and experience a smooth-flowing transactions and worry-free next day delivery.

I bought:

And look! they offer a straightener at discounted price. Great deals for ceramic hair iron as i find it pricey in malls. This has been my “on the go buddy” that easily heats up and lightweight, something that travellers like me can’t live without.

I am really an avid fan of anything “natural” that goes with aloe, plant extracts and gugo since it has no harsh chemicals so i am elated to finally put it in my cart!

I got thrilled when i finally received my parcel! Here are they..

Aside from cash on delivery, another thing i love about beautyMNL is the “credits” earned from doing a review which can be used as payment for orders. What a mind-blowing! right?

Wait….there’s more! I am also intrigue with beautyMNL’s in house magazine bloom found in their site those beauty tips, some how to’ s in skincare and my favorite “budget buys”.

Since I had a hard time deciding what to buy timing that i saw this article. It’s like a “helping hand” that shows lists of low-cost items with links in just one click and it sounds convenient that you don’t have to stress yourself thinking or searching for beauty hauls that suits your budget. Isn’t Awwesooommee?….!

So i encourage everyone and my readers as well to make it a habit of checking first the bloom magazine and beauty by you review section before shopping for quick guidelines and worthwhile reading.

❤Happy Shopping❤


Rucy’s Vanity Product Review

Whenever I see koreans I am so impressed with their complexion and flawless skin wondering what beauty products they used and how expensive it is until Rucy’s Vanity sent me their products and change my mindset that Korean beauty can be achieve at reasonable price.

Let’s go to my amazing experience with rucy’s vanity

BB cream (Php200.00): It has natural(21) and Oak(23) shades but I got natural one. Usually applied first as make up base and foundation. What I like about this cream is it has UV Protection and SPF 20 that is perfect to use under the sun or at the beach this summer without using sunblock. Upon applying to my face I notice that not all skin imperfections can hide this cream but it whitens and gives a youthful glow.

Two way cake pressed powder(Php 250.00): A combination of powder and foundation in one also available in natural and oak shades. Got really surprise after application because it doesn’t cake and gave me a naturally smooth looking skin like Koreans.

Liquid eyeliner(Php 160.00) who doesn’t want to have a perfect winged eyeliner? as I tried to use this eyeliner with soo thin applicator I see that its easy to create sharp, and precise wings as you know i have been using a lot of liquid eyeliners before with other brands but duh! It takes an hour or two for me to create pretty wings but this eyeliner is so effortless; with its deep black pigmentation that doesn’t smudge and not requires me to retouch every hour as it lasts the whole day; waterproof and won’t crumbles.

Gleamy lavish waterproof mascara 7ml ( Php 180.00): Every girls dream to have a naturally long thick eyelashes and this is what I love about rucy’s vanity because they do a great job to make my lashes appear longer and volumized without clumping. During and after applications I didn’t feel any eye itchiness or irritation because it is hypoallergenic also a sweat-resistant  that gives a worry-free feeling even exercising I can still have flattering lashes.

Auto eyebrow pencil(Php 80.00): Colors available in brown,gray and black. I got mine in brown and this eyebrow pencil has been my personal go-to brows lately because from the word “auto” means no need to sharpened; always on the go and ready to use. Since its pen-type form it gives me more control shaping my brows and creating beautiful brow arches.

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