Oh my bag!

Ohhh myyy! I can’t imagine my simple bag would have a stylish transformation until I meet ohmybagphils and got their handle wraps that perfectly match my taste.

Using printed wraps in bags will never put you on doubt as it fits with any plain colors of dress or top while keeping your handle protected against hand sweat.

           Made from Chiffon Material

Bertha handle wraps(Php 299.00): Length: 37.5 inches.  Width: 1.5 inches       

           Made from Satin material

Esmeralda handle wraps summer edition(Php 350.00): Length: 37.5 inches. Width: 1.5 inches.

What makes this handle wrap worth buying?

Bag handle wrap/cover:

Design for Bags:

Ohmybagphils purpose is to protect our bags more of what we think or expected so they offer dust bag, dehumidifiers, Base Shapers, Bag stuffer, Bag Raincoat featured below:

Style featured: Ohmybagphils

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